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Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Guangzhou, formerly Canton, is China's third-largest city after Shanghai and Beijing, and it's a must-see for the intrepid tourist. Sights and landmarks, natural parks, and great shopping are just some of its many attractions.

It's a great choice for history enthusiasts and art and culture lovers, and is one of the best gourmet destinations in the south of China. Guangzhou is the city that gave us dim sum, and it is home to traditional Yue or Cantonese food, one of the eight regional cuisines of China.

The city is a thriving center of commerce and trade thanks to its location on the Pearl River. Guangzhou is also a cultural hotbed that is known for monuments like the spectacular Canton Tower and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Shishi Cathedral), the largest cathedral in Southeast Asia.


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Guangzhou

1. The Canton Tower

The Canton Tower is China's tallest structure, and you'll enjoy fabulous views of the Pearl River and the city from its observation deck. The tower also has several restaurants and a 4D theater, and it costs ¥150 for admission.

2. Its Impressive Museums

The Mausoleum of the Nanyue King was discovered in 1983 and is considered one of the most important historic finds in South China. Highlights include the burial suite with its thousands of beautiful jade tiles. Visit the Guangzhou Museum in the ancient Zhenhai Tower for a memorable journey through the region's history - it was one of the first museums to be established during China's republic era.

3. Shopping

Hailed as China's answer to Bangkok, Guangzhou is a top shopping destination. High-quality designer copies are popular and BuYun Shoes World Plaza - Global International Trade Center and the Huimei Clothing Market are both worth visiting. Of course, you can also get the real thing in the city's upscale malls such as TaiKoo Hui and Grandview Mall.

4. So Many Attractions

Spend the day admiring the colonial-style buildings on Shamian Island, or take a nighttime cruise on the Pearl River. Guangzhou has attractions to suit all tastes and age groups, from Guangzhou Zoo to the Guangzhou Opera House, and great day-trip options like White Cloud Mountain and Nanling Forest National Park.

5. The Food

Yue cooking is one of China's eight great regional cuisines, and you'll find restaurants serving classic Cantonese dishes throughout the city. Dim Sum is made for sharing so be sure to try the tasty dumplings, noodles, vegetables, and buns. There are also lots of great Muslim noodle restaurants where you can get a filling meal for as little as ¥15.