2022 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering, Environment Resources and Energy Materials(CCESEM 2022)
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Oral Speeches 1

Liyan Yang,Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Title: Analysis of Environmental and Economic Situation Based on Ecological and Environmental Zoning Management System of “Three Lines and One Permit”

Oral Speeches 2

Yongqi Zhang,Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Title: A novel methods of synthetizing high thermal stability of Ce0.37Zr0.53(LaY)0.10O2 by introducing sulfate ligand, structure, and microbial community

Oral Speeches 3

Kaijie Huang, Xi’an University of Science and Technology

Title: Temperature sensitivity analysis of long-span arch bridge cable hoisting construction

Oral Speeches 4

Zheng Tan, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Title: Effect of unequal spans on the collapse behavior of multi-story frames with RBS connections

Oral Speeches 5

Zheng Zhao, Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Title: Structure Design and Performance Control of Novel Ce-Zr Oxygen Storage Materials with High Performance

Oral Speeches 6

Peipei Zhang, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning

Title: Integrating water resource and environmental policies and regulations in China