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Prof. Chong Kok Keong

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Malaysia

Research Area: 

Solar cell technology, renewable energy, optoelectronics, 

electronic circuit, microsystem technology, circuit theory, electronic power converter

Prof. Dr. Chong Kok-Keong received B.Sc. (Hons) 1st class degree from University of Malaya in 1998 and Ph.D. (Optical Engineering) degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2002. He is also Fulbright visiting scholar in Princeton University, USA for the period of Sep-Dec 2015. Currently, he is full professor in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and a chartered engineer registered under the engineering council, United Kingdom. For research experience, he has been working in the field of solar energy engineering for more than 18 years and his research interest including concentrating solar power, concentrator photovoltaic system, photovoltaic, daylighting and solar thermal system. To date, he has produced 108 publications, including high impact journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters, with h-index = 23 & total citations of 1856. For research leadership, he has been principal investigator for seven external grants with total amount of more than USD 1 Million and leading multi-disciplinary research fund. For recognition of his contribution, Dr Chong has been honoured to receive Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) 2018, Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF) Science & Technology Award 2017, JCI Ten Young Outstanding Malaysian (TOYM) Award 2013, Fulbright Scholar Award 2015-16, Gold Award in PECIPTA’17, as well as UTAR Research Excellence Award 2010 and UTAR Innovation Excellence Award 2012 & 2014. To honour his contribution in academics & research, he has been elected as Fellow of Academy of Science Malaysia 2019, Fellow of ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology (AAET) 2018, Associate Fellow of AAET 2013, Global Young Academy 2014, Young Affiliate Fellow for The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) 2011, Young Scientist Network-Academy of Science Malaysia 2012. In addition, he was invited to showcase research product in main exhibition hall of Malaysia Pavilion – World Expo 2017 Astana with theme “Future Energy”, which is the largest exhibition in the world. For the community services, he is appointed as sub-group leader of Working Group on Solar Photovoltaic System (WG/E/8-1), SIRIM, and Accreditation Committee Member of Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).


Prof. Guang Ye

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Research Area: 

Construction building materials

Dr. Ye is an associate professor and chairperson on materials behavior and concrete modelling, in the Microlab/Section of Materials and Environment within the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is a guest professor in the Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, Ghent University, Belgium. Dr. Ye received his PhD (TU Delft, 2003 with honor) in Concrete Structures and Materials. His research interests focus on the properties of cementitious materials, i.e., early age hydration and microstructural development, permeability and durability. Recently his research interests extend to alternative cementitious binders. He is the author/co-author about 150 journal papers and 180 conference contributions, editor/co-editor of 8 conference proceedings and Chapter contribution of 12 books. Dr. Ye is associate editor of Journal of Materials and Structures, and editorial advisory board of the Journal of Cement and Concrete Research. Dr. Ye is a senior RILEM member and Chairperson of the RILEM Technical Committee on Mechanical Properties of Alkali-activated Materials (TC-MPA). He is also the member of several RILEM Technical Committees and fib workgroups.


Prof. Jia-Bao Yan

Tianjin University

Research Area: 

     Steel Structure; Steel-concrete composite structure; 

Steel-concrete-steel sandwich structure; 

Reinforced concrete structure; Protective structures; Arctic offshore structure

Dr. Jia-Bao Yan is now an associate professor at the department of civil engineering, Tianjin University. In 2012, he received his Ph. D degree from National University of Singapore, Singapore. Before joining in Tianjin University, Dr. Yan had been working as the research fellow during 2012-2015 in the Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore. His reasrch interests include steel-concrete composite strucutres, steel structures, and reinforced concrete structures. He has published more than 100 SCI indexed journal papers, one book, and dozens of EI indexed papers.


Prof. Thanikaivelan Palanisamy

Advanced Materials Laboratory CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute Adyar, India

Research Area:    

Development of new and advanced materials in the field of Nano, 

Bio and Composite Materials,Environmental science and technology,

Biotechnological applications relevant to leather and allied industries,

Clean technologies and solid waste management

Thanikaivelan Palanisamy is a Senior Principal Scientist at Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai since 2002. He has founded the Advanced Materials Laboratory and currently heading. He received PhD in leather technology from Anna University in 2003. He had two post-doctoral stints at Texas Tech University, USA and Rice University, USA under BOYSCAST and Fulbright-Nehru fellowships in 2005-06 and 2010-11, respectively. He specialized in cleaner leather processing and zero discharge technologies. He currently works on the development of new and advanced materials including nano, bio and composite materials, especially from bio-wastes generated from leather industry for high-value applications in Healthcare, Environment, Lifestyle and Energy sectors. He has over 128 publications in peer reviewed international journals, 50 articles in conference proceedings and holds a h-index of 33 and 24 patents to his credit. His recent innovation on “Waterless Chrome Tanning” has been commercialized over 85 tanneries in India. He is a recipient of several National awards and academic honors from CSIR, INAE, IASc, DST, DBT, NRDC, WIPO, USIEF, IEI, IIT-Roorkee, TNASc and FICCI for his engineering innovations in cleaner leather processing, management of solid wastes and developing advanced materials.


Prof. Yingbo Ji

North China University of  Technology(NCUT), China

Research Area: 

Building industrialization, green building, intelligent building and building informatization

Pro.Yingbo Ji, is the dean of the school of Civil Engineering, North China University of Technology. In 2008, she received a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering and Technology from Tianjin University. Her main research areas are building industrialization, green building, intelligent building and building information. She has not only served as the project leader for several national projects, but also prepared three textbooks, “Research on the Industrialization of Buildings”, “A Study on the Unbalanced Quotation of Engineering Changes from the Perspective of Contractors”, “Application and Training of BIM in Engineering Projects”.


Prof. Xin Wang

Nankai University, China

Research Area: 

Microbial electrochemical technologies to accelerate anaerobic digestion; Microbial electrochemical sensors for toxicity detection

Professor Wang is the Department Chair of Environmental Engineering at Nankai University. His researches focus on anaerobic bacterial electron transfer in wastewater treatment systems, the formation of electroactive biofilm and the nitrogen cycling powered by exoelectrogens. With the scitific findings, he aims to accelerate pollution degradation, recycle nutrients and develop novel sensors for the early warning of water quality.

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